Office Updates Relating to COVID-19


These instructions will also be posted on our FB page.

All patient appointments will be scheduled for 30 or 60 minutes at a time.  If you are scheduled for a 30 minute appointment AND you have a broken bracket, it will not be fixed at that appointment.  Our 60 minute appointments will be for New Patient Consultations, Starting Treatment, Removal of Appliances,  Bonding of brackets and Attachments.


  1. All Tooth Brushing will need to be done PRIOR to entering the office.  Our Tooth Brushing Station will be CLOSED.
  2. Attached to your Reminder email, there is a Questionnaire asking about your exposure to COVID-19.  YOU HAVE TO FILL THIS OUT PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT.
  3. Please arrive 10 minutes PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT. When you arrive in the parking lot, CALL THE OFFICE (631) 752-9422 and we will let you know when to come into the office or we will call you back when it is your turn.  For parents that are nervous about having their patients walk themselves to the office, you can park in the front of the building (revolving door facing Route 110) where you can watch your child walk down the hallway to our office from your car.
  4. When you come into the office, your temperature will be taken.  We recommend that ALL parents stay in their cars. Due to the Physical (Social) Distancing rules, we will ask parents to sit in our reception area (There are only 3 seats available to maintain proper distancing rules).   Anyone entering the office should be wearing a mask.  
  5. There is hand sanitizer at the front door (which will be propped open) for patients to “wash” their hands.
  6. The patient will be escorted to the chair and will be asked to rinse with Peroxyl ( or Optic White ( which contains Hydrogen Peroxide and lowers the Viral Load of the patient for our safety.
  7. We will proceed with our “Normally Scheduled Appointment”.
  8. At the end of the appointment, Adult appointments can be scheduled at the clinic chairs prior to dismissal, while children will call their parents to let them know they are leaving the office and to schedule their appointment.  This will limit any front desk interactions.  Patients will be asked to replace their mask and can leave the office and return to their car.


All chairs will be alternated (except for siblings or family members) and our limited schedule will reflect this “slowdown” so that we have adequate time for our infection control procedures.

Please review your emails and look for your Reminder emails.  If you have any concerns or questions, please call our office (631) 752-9422.


Thank you, 

Zack & Richie Faber, Elaine, Joanne, Gabby, Jillian, and Alyssa