You and Your Retainer

2 Reasons

  • Retention is the final part of your orthodontic treatment. Your retainer holds the teeth in their final positions.
  • Once your teeth are in place, your retainer keeps them there. Otherwise, they might slip back toward their old position.

5 Rules

  • At first, wear your retainer all day and all night. We will tell you when you may reduce wearing time, but wear your retainer exactly as we instruct.
  • Bring it to each appointment.
  • Keep your retainer clean.
    • Acrylic with metal retainers: After each meal, take off and gently rinse or brush your retainer and brush your teeth. This should be done at least three times a day.
    • Invisible retainers: After each meal rinse your retainer and brush your teeth. Once a day clean retainer with an effervescent tablet and rinse with water according to product Instructions.
  • No chewing gum please – it sticks to the plastic.
  • Never leave your retainer out of your mouth except in its case.
  • Don’t leave Your retainer lying around or wrapped in tissue. It could get lost or thrown away. Never leave it in hot water or near a hot surface; it could change shape and then it will not fit.
  • Do NOT leave the retainer out where your dog can find it.  Unfortunately, dogs eat retainers and turn them into chew toys.

Note …

Your retainer should fit comfortably and snap in securely. If it doesn’t, let us know.

Your retainer won’t be broken or lost if it’s worn correctly. Remember that it is delicate and expensive to repair or replace. 

A Final Word

Hope you are proud of the way your teeth are beginning to look.

We are.

So go back to your dentist and let him examine your teeth. He’ll want to be sure that everything is fine.